Roma Triode

Listen to a speaker Diesis Audio sound with an indirectly heated triode is a unique experience, They come from the huge passion for listening to music as a real event. We work to eliminate the artifacts and the colours of traditional loudspeakers and reach the highest purity of issue making listening to any song pure emotion. In addition to innovative techniques the simplicity, the absolute quality of the transducers of the project and of the materials used precious quality that arises from prolonged sessions of listening and refinement that go on for years experience.

The study of various materials that the delicate music signal crosses before propagating a note in the air allows us to tune each speaker to convey in every situation a passion out of the ordinary by giving life to everything that occurs to the listener. Rome triode, last extraordinary accomplishment, incorporates everything and goes even further, the result of 3 years of work to embed in it a DNA of pure magic, assisted by the most prestigious triode mono amplifiers in the world has been sewn tailored to seize every more subtle nuance and detail whispered by these wonderful amplifications.

Every element of the project was gutted tried and agreed by ear, compared with the best passive components we finally opted for the realization of even the most insignificant element, even the correct direction of each component is been identified after careful and critical plays. Rome Triode has been refined in the last year with the prestigious Japanese Amplifications Kondo.

Ongaku, G70 preamplifier and wiring entirely Kondo, the emotional expression of these wonderful items for music playback is enhanced by the ease with which the speakers let themselves go through invoking the vibrations of pure emotion, reaching a magic with such a synergy that cannot be write words.

To listen, to Emotions. Strong.


Diesis Audio announces its presence at Monaco Hi Fi Deluxe 2019 from 9 to 11 May at the Salon 8 of the prestigious Marriott Hotel

Plant under demonstration:
Diesis Roma Triodes driven by Kondo Amplification and Wiring (Ongaku and G70)

Master Tape Emiolia Records

Diesis Neptune Digital Source

Demonstration Models
Diesis Aura
Diesis Ludos
Diesis Evento 20-11


Technical description of the product

(All components were built by hand on specific for this model):

Low Section 2 15-inch Woofer With dipole Downs anchored with brass plate Totalfix system damped.

Alnico magnet damped with wool and shielded.

Silver 24 ohm coil

Cellulose Cone and membrane in cotton for extreme lightweight.

Supporting Structure in Clad 58 (Cement, Resins,mineral powders) damped with 4 different types of materials (brass, ebony wood, pure wool and leather.

Horn in ebony wood, aluminum support dug from solid dulled brass with Cork-based docking and decoupled with accessories in Alphagel and Corian

Mid Section 2 inch medium with paper and solid brass ring full damped with pure wool and casing in solid walnut Italian carved from solid.

Hig Section TW titanium 16 mm voice coil, Solid brass trumpet.

Crossovers Components wired in resin air in special

Italian carved from solid walnut shells for a total absence of vibrations.

Wiring with silver cable Kondo

Minimum impedance 10 ohm

98,5 sensitivity, +/- 3 db 2.83 V/M

Minimum power 8 watt

Power 150 watt

Frequency response in environment from 27 to 40000Hz a +/-3db